Physical Therapy


“The Grail Sports 8Board is an innovative training device that optimizes spinal flexibility and provides excellent movement for injury rehabilitation and pain prevention by working the spine in a gentle therapeutic manner that develops safe, effective, and powerful movements that come from the body’s core.”                                                    Dr. James Kline, DC – La Costa Chiropractic & Wellness,  CA

“I use the 8Board with every client. There is no other product that works so well for improving balance and proprioception. I’ve also sold the 8Board to most of my clients for them to continue use at home on their own. Fantastic device!”                                                                                   Marc Garber, Orthopedic Specialists of North County                            Carlsbad, CA

Rehabilitate from injuries!

The 8-Board has not yet been certified for medical use, and should be used only after consultation with a qualified medical professional.

“The 8Board is Ideally Suited to Address Most Common Cause of Falls in Seniors A new, simple to use movement transcedence tool for balance, core strength & flow…helps frozen shoulders, lordosis, stenosis and other spine conditions/post-stroke rehab as well as improving range-of-motion and opening the pelvis/enhancing 3-D diaphram expansion for better breathing, balance and cross-body coordination! So easy2use ~~ u can take a birthday phone call while doing it!                                                                                                                            Randy Eady, M.Ed, a former professor and counselor in Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the USAF Academy, CO is a big proponent of the wellness benefits of leisure recreation and integrative exercise.  He’s an intergenerational balance and coordination specialist who conducts Balance Bookends™ Movement classes for the young (between the age of 4-9) and those “young at heart” (hovering around 60).  He is also the educational designer of a curriculum pack (The Mature Adventurer) developed to supplement his Glider Rider Series ofBalance/Coordination Refinement programs.  He is certified and insured by the United Skate Schools Group and the US Golf Teachers Federation. He has consulted with the Consortium of Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Centers of the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (GRECC-VA), the National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging to assist health care professionals implement socially facilitated, multi-generational wellness programs targeted at the critical importance of leg muscle strength as the #1 factor in physical health for older populations.