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USC Coach Peter Smith and ATP Steve Johnson Use the 8-Board

“All Jack’s (Broudy) kids are great! They have smooth strokes and complete games. I’ve use the 8-Board for the past ten years with both my varsity teams and my Nike camps. Everyone loves it because you can really feel the fluid strokes! ”                                                                                    Peter Smith, USC Men’s Tennis, NCAA Champs ’09, ’10, ’11, ‘12, ’14

What Pros and Players Are Saying About The 8-Board 

To All Players Out There,

I learned to play tennis in the ’70’s and am a 5.5 player. I have struggled for years with the modern game and trying to hit good topspin off either wing. After 15 minutes of my first lesson with Jack Broudy on the 8-Board I was hitting topspin effortlessly and with power. I have been using the 8 Board and the Infinity Tennis System daily now and am more consistent and hit with more topspin, power and feel. I’m in love with tennis again. This is the best system for players at any level of the game and I truly believe that if you want to learn properly or improve your game, the Infinity Tennis System is the only way to go.      – Keith S. Wilkinson

Hello Jack,

Just to let you know we’re working on the things you taught Nils and I. It’s doing wonders. He is improving so quickly now. It’s so easy to understand. One basic thought that can be applied to all strokes. He is really getting it. I don’t need to say much during practice anymore. We just talk about it before or after.

It seems like the Your System and the 8-Board help him in other sports as well. His rhythm and balance when he plays soccer and kendo are so much better. He is even getting stronger mentally, feeling really good about himself (but not in a cocky way.) Just really harmonious. Through all this he even gets his homework done in no time and he told me he enjoys school much more. Not that we didn’t enjoy it before but we have much more fun now.

So this was to say thank you again! I hope we can meet you again to work some more.

Cheers! Anders, Tokyo, Japan

Jack Broudy is one of those rare people that takes a fresh look at old dogma and discovers a deeper truth.  Jack has taken the tennis strokes and made sense of what is truly occurring in that whirl of activity, focusing on a few fundamentals of sound physical principals.  As an Applied and Clinical Kinesologist I appreciate the simplicity and safety of his methods.  Done properly it is hard for the tennis player to injure themselves and they truly use the core of the body that they have worked so hard to develop yet not known how apply in the strokes on the court.  The results are graceful, repeatable and powerful tennis shots that are joy to watch and hit!   Thanks to Jack for his insights, 8-Board and dedication to tennis truth.                                                          Andrew W. Specht BS, JD, DC

“I’ve used the 8-Board and Jack’s method for my son and all of my students. And it works for everyone!”                                                                    Steve Johnson, San Clemente Racket and Fitness, CA                            (His son Steve Johnson Winner NCAA and currently #46 ATP)


“Jack’s System and the 8-Board have already changed the sport of tennis forever…at least for me and hundreds of my students!”             Tim Schnaible, Coach of Sam Querry                                                           Match Tough Tennis Academy, Warner Tennis Center            Woodland Hills, CA

“I have a very large summer staff (25+ instructors) I take the instructors through Jack’s System. There is no doubt the System works! You can see it in the hundreds of kids in our program, playing effortless, graceful nonlinear tennis! We also have a few state championships to back that up.”                                                                               Todd Dissly, Director of Tennis, High School Coach of the Year         Los Gatos, CA

“As a direct result of Jack’s revolutionary teachings, Karen as well as my son Steven, have earned full tennis scholarships to play college tennis. Thank you Jack!”       Michael Forman, M.D., Oceanside, CA  Son, Steven Forman, NCAA All American 2010

“I’ve used the 8 Board and Figure 8 System personally and in training my students. I notice immediate results!”        – Piet Aldridge, Former US Open and Australian Open Doubles Chmp

“Jack’s invention, the 8-Board is the best tennis training device I’ve ever seen!”    – Nick Bollettieri, IMG Tennis Academy, Bradenton, FL

Jack Broudy is the first and only tennis coach I have ever worked with who has been able to teach me how to master my strokes with a sort of effortless motion. It’s actually thrilling to be able to hit a one-handed backhand without feeling that I am muscling and struggling to get the ball back with some pace. I love his lessons on the serve, since they are helping me learn to use core body mechanics to master a graceful stroke, rather than relying on whatever brute force I can muster up with my arm strength alone.   I think students with realize from the very beginning of Broudy’s lessons in the ISOT that there is something special here as they learn to move their hips in the “Figure 8” motion, which Broudy shows is the mother form of all the tennis strokes. His patented training device, the 8Board, helped me to feel and “own” this essential motion within minutes of stepping on it. I think the ISOT will help non-athletes add a newfound gracefulness to their time on the court while advanced players will add power, precision and — perhaps most importantly  — enjoyment to their game.                                         Helene Gittleman,  Athens, Georgia