Infinity GOLF

Hit long and straight!

Watch Dramatic Improvement on 8yo First Golf Lesson 

PGA Director of Instruction, John Mason, uses the 8-Board to train his students at the JC Golf School in Encinitas, California. Since implementing the figure 8 techniques and 8-Board Training, his students have shown signs of greater club control, strength, power, accuracy and range.

 “The 8Board will give you the feeling of what proper balance and rotational flexibility feels like, in a matter of minutes. I use it everyday and recommend it to all my students.” – John Mason, SCPGA Teacher of the Year, SDPGA Player of the Year

Former U.S. Open Winner Scott Simpson said that after he hits balls on the range or just practices his swing, using the 8Board, he feels more “rooted to the ground” allowing him to swing more freely and on balance.

  • By standing and swiveling on the 8-Board the user’s body learns to rotate and pivot properly, eliminating unnecessary “sway” by staying centered on the board throughout their swing. This increases distance, accuracy and consistency by creating the proper “muscle memory” and dynamic balance.
  • Says LPGA Pro, Jamie Zimron, “The problem with most golfers is they dominate with the upper body, their hands are tight, and they muscle the ball with their arms. When you don’t have balance and stability, the arc of the swing gets distorted and you see your ball slice and hook. Practicing with the 8Board ties the feet to the hips and shoulders, helping to keep the club face square to the ball for better contact. The 8Board helps develop proper use of the lower body, core, timing, rhythm, balance and stability.”
  • Additionally, a golfer’s putting is dramatically improved on the 8Board by NOT moving the swivels at all. This trains the player to eliminate unnecessary lower body movement that compromises the golfer’s “soft touch” and control. This “quieting of the lower body” allows the user to perform the crucial “pendulum swing” isolated in the shoulders and arms, thus producing more control.