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“The 8 Board is the only balance product on the market that has a movement system affiliated with it, which is applicable to most every sport. You will see several out at our facilities at any given day.”     Justin Frandson, President Athleticism™ Newport Beach, CA


“All Jack’s (Broudy) kids are great! They have smooth strokes and complete games. I’ve use the 8-Board for the past ten years with both my varsity teams and my Nike camps. Everyone loves it because you can really feel the fluid strokes! ”                                                                                    Peter Smith, USC Men’s Tennis, NCAA Champs ’09, ’10, ’11, ‘12, ’14

“The 8-Board is an innovative training device that optimizes spinal flexibility and provides excellent movement for injury rehabilitation and pain prevention by working the spine in a gentle therapeutic manner that develops safe, effective, and powerful movements that come from the body’s core.”                                                                                          Dr. James Kline, DC, La Costa Chiropractic & Wellness, Carlsbad, CA

The 8-Board is used by a variety of professional athletes in baseball, golf, volleyball, tennis, snowboarding, skiing and football. Some of the world’s leading coaches use the 8-Board to train their athletes. The 8-Board has helped physical therapist, chiropractors and even many occupational therapy clinicians, in aiding balance, for both mind and body.



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The Original 8-Board Only $99.95 for California customers



The Original 8-Board Only $99.95 for Non-California customers